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Biohazard Zones VR Game
Genre : VR First Person Action Shooter ( Under Production )

In the year 2020 world has witnessed its first Apocalypse. Terrorist organisations across the countries tied up together to take over economic giants like US, China, India, Japan, Germany etc… by turning up BIO-WAR. A dangerous virus that turns dead to walk raised across the continents. While researchers trying to figure the antidote, militaries and army forces across countries trying to save as many people as possible by moving uninfected to Bio-Safe zones. This is just not a game, it's a chance to experience various scenarios during apocalypse caused by biohazard out broke. The fun part of the game is it's experience through Virtual Reality in first person action mode.

Genre : Kids Casual ( Released )
Pop Master

This is a Kids casual game targeted for kids of all gaes. The game is all about popping the right hot air balloons which carry the matching asset as shown on the target hud bar. Besides kids can also pop regular balloons that reveal toys. Popping gives smilies which is the currency of the game, that allows to unlock other pickable packs & themes. With 9 different background themes, 7 different matching packs, 9 unique audio tracks, 20 achievements to unlock, the game is going to give kids an ultimate game experience besides cool & simple learning. Game is available on google play store, coming soon to iTunes store.

Ultimate Labyrinth Mazes
Genre : Puzzle ( Ready to Release )

This is a simple, fun filled Labyrinth game with breathtaking challenges. The game comes in 10 stages. Each stage reveals a new challenging factor. The game comes in classic wooden frame style with steel ball that rolls based on the phone tilt. Move the steel ball to the target marker in the given time to attain stars. Completing the game before 10 seconds gives 3 stars, before 5 seconds gives 2 stars.Move the steel ball either using phone tilt or swipe controls.

Project Code Name : Racer
Genre : Racing ( Under Production )

This is a new kind of racing genre game. With ultimate racing fun with pickups and powerups the game is going to give a trill filling riding experience. The game is going to launch on Smartphones, Tablets and PC.

More in Pipeline
Project Code Name : BT
Genre : AR Sports ( Pre-Production Done )
Barrel Hit
Project Code Name : LT
Genre : Casual ( Pre-Production Complete )
Project Code Name : CR
Genre : Adventure Runner ( Pre-Production Done )
Project Code Name : WO
Genre : Adventure ( Pre-Production Done )
Project Code Name : FRX
Genre : Racing ( Pre-Production Complete )
Co-Development IP
Genre : Classic Casual ( Released on PlayPhone Store, Airtel Store, Google Play Store )

Play '9' classic hits of all time with a simple 'Tap' and 'Swipe' controls, all that in 13.42 MB in size - Going smooth on those extra sectors on your Mobile's Disk Space you want to save.

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