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TeamSid started its journey in April 2017, with a key focus on providing quality game development services besides producing quality games with effecient and low cost production model. The studio is setuped with a teamsize of 5. Over the last 1.5 years we are able to provide the following services besides producing own titles to global markets.

* Curently developing a gamification app for India's biggest Banking Organization to train there employee internally
* Provided technical consulting services to 2Pi Interactive Pvt.Ltd to execute a multiplayer project.
* Technology Partner with 2Pi Interactive, Raasta Studios, Open Space Innovates, ThinxHigh, Vamrr. * Developed a mobile VR application for TSFDC.
* Developed a mobile game "Nine" for 2PiInteractive Pvt.Ltd on a revenue share model.The game got published in PlayPhone app store.
* Developed and Delivered a Business Simulations mobiel game for US based IT company.This got publised in Google Play Store and iTunes App Store.
* Done a VR workshop for "Bits Pilani" college.
* Done a Unity Engine workshop for a IT company in Bangalore. * Associated and organized AR, VR workshops for Anna University, Chennai.

* Developed and Published a Kid's Casual Game "Pop Master". Game launched on Googleplay Store, iTunes App Store and PlayPhone app store on 16th Jan 2018
* Developing a VR game "Biohazard Zones VR". Prototype is released on Google Play Store and iTunes App Store.
* Developing and Published a Casual game "Ultimate Labyrinths" on Google Play Store and for iOS. * Currently 2 projects in development.

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Investor To Support

TeamSid currently looking for a small investment for a percentage of debt and equity, to push its products in parallel production so as to move to market as planned.TeamSid is also looking for marketing and publishing partners to reach markets in wide.We love to share in-depth details in person. If interested to be part of this beautiful and creative venture, please do reach us on /, or simply call us on +91 9966882510

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